January 21

Journal Entry Guidelines

Guidelines for Completing the Journal Entry Handouts:

1. Print out a new handout for each day of journaling
2. Complete all portions of the handout
3. Your thoughts and comments should be organized in a coherent manner.

Sections: Think about the following questions or prompts for each section of your journal:

Task List:
What tasks did you complete today?
What tasks still need to be completed?

Robot Purpose: What are you trying to accomplish (construct, programming, preform) with this particular robot or challenge?

Limitations/Constraints: what are some limitations of the challenge or robot you need to overcome?
Have the constraints or limitations changed since you began the project or challenge?

What If…: What are some brainstorming ideas, solutions, or changes you are thinking about making to your robot design and/or programming?
If you are satisfied with your robot programming/construction/design, what are some possible changes for this project if you were to complete it again.

Schematics: Include sample programming changes, design or construction ideas.
This may be in the form of drawing a portion of you robot you worked on, a sample of programming blocks you have worked on today, or a flowchart illustrating the next portion of your work.

Engineering Journal Notes: (2nd Page of journal handout) In this portion of the journal consider two or more of the following questions:
What are the next steps or areas you need to work on or complete?

How are you going to set your robot or design apart from other robots completing similar or the same task or challenge?

How do you plan on…?

What changes do you need to make to accomplish your goal?

Can you add something to your design to enhance your robot’s movements or ability to complete the challenge?

What fallacies, consistencies, or inconsistencies appear with either your programming or your design?

How do you plan to test or modify your robot to complete the task or challenge?

How can your design be used in a real-world application

What seems to be the main problem you are having with your programming and/or design.

How do you plan to correct your problems?