Hey guys, I hope all of you are well. As we move into the second phase of our social distancing practices, we will look at specifically temperature conversions and phase change. Once we get back together, we will talk about all of the concepts, complete some labs and interesting demos, and I will do some problem session with you. The following is a reading/notes handout on phase changes and latent heat. Latent means “hidden”, so it is the hidden heat necessary to make a substance change phases. So from like liquid to solid or liquid to gas. Think dry ice and water! That is a very fun phase change we will play around with! I have also included some practice problems for temperature conversions. You may remember this from chemistry. Converting between Celsius, Kelvin, and Fahrenheit. I also included an answer bank on the worksheet to check yo’self! Oh and since I have your attention, I would like to make a special note that Big Foot has been practicing this social distancing thing for decades! Think about it…WORLD CHAMP! Now, that I have you riled up, until we meet again…have a good day, stay out of trouble, and GO DUKE.

Phases Changes of Water
Phases Changes of Water Notes handout

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