CP Week AHEAD: 4/15-4/19

MONDAY: Complete the worksheet using the CH 25 reading CH 25 CONCEPT REVIEW. Turn this into the box by the end of the period. It is part review, part new stuff.

Tuesday: Read the following information about Resonance and the Doppler Effect. Answer the questions at the end of the reading and answer the questions in the lesson review. You can answer all the questions on the same sheet of paper. Resonance/Doppler Reading
Resonance/Doppler Questions

Wednesday: Watch the videos on Doppler and Resonance. On your paper write the title on your paper, as you watch the videos summaries what the video was about and important points. The only video you do not need to take notes over is the video of the glass breaking. The video of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse, make sure to include what happened to the bridge, when it occurred and why the bridge collapsed. Doppler/Resoannce videos

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