January 1

Week Ahead SRD: 1/4-1/5 AND 1/8-1/12

Introduction to Robots
This week we will look at the Engineering Design and what makes a robot a robot. We will begin digging into our boxes of parts and end the week completed our first build, “The Taskbot”. Along the way we will look at different examples of robots in action some fun and some serious. By the end of the week, you should be comfortable naming the parts of your EV3 kit and describing what makes a robot a robot and why robots are used in the “real world”.

Notes: View Prezi and Playlist you are responsible for the content.
What is a Robot Prezi

Intro to Robots Playlist

Thursday: Activities: Sort and Organize box and components
KIt Organization
EV3 Parts Handout
EV3: Hardware, firmware, software
Introduction to EV3
HW: Finish sort

Friday/Monday: Activities: Build Taskbot using tutorial
HW: Future of Robots Response due by 8:00 AM on Thursday send or bring it to me before first period

Tuesday: Activities: PRINT AND Bring HANDOUT TO CLASS Robot Educator Overviewand Configuring Blocks
HW: Prepare for parts quiz (Comprehension)

Wednesday: Activities: Comprehension Quiz Parts
Download CAD to computer: LEGO Digital CAD

Thursday: Topics: Engineering Process vs. Scientific Method
Individual Practice: Research Fast Food Industry McRevolutionary
HW: Complete McRevolutionary research and print notes for class

Friday: Topics: Engineering Process vs. Scientific Method Notes Handout and Graphic Organizer
Discussion: Engineering Process vs. Scientific Method

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