December 1

SRD Week Ahead: 12/4-12/8

This week we will finish the 3D LED Structures and move on to paper circuits with copper tape and surface LED. You will playing with these little “flea-like” structures. The Paper Circuit Project will be due Tuesday, 12/12. We will wrap up our study of electricity with a National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Build.

Monday: Activities: LAB: LED Structure Build (STEM)
HW: Complete Structure and Phase 2 of design handout

Tuesday: Activities: Q&A over Circuits Labs C1 and C2
Peer evaluation of LED Structures
Introduce: Paper Circuit Design Paper Circuit Design Handout Phase 1 is due Wednesday by 3:30. MAKE SURE YOU TYPE IT
Paper Circuit Project
Taping Paper Circuits
HW: Prepare for Electricity test 2

Wednesday: Activities: Test Electricity 2
HW: bring needed supplies for paper circuit

Thursday/Friday: Activities: Lab: Paper Circuit Build (STEM)
**Paper circuit project is due Tuesday at the start of class and Phase 2 of design handout, you will have Monday to work in class but you can take home your project over the weekend. Monday should be fine-tuning or small details for your demonstrations

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