September 24

SRD week Ahead: 9/25-9/29

**Make sure you have your assigned explanation question for an extraordinary event ready at the start of class.

Monday: Topics: Observations
Activities: Discussion: Explanations of Extraordinary events (Presentations)
HW: Complete Part 1 of Cae Study: Feeling Detoxified

Tuesday: Observations
Activities: Discussion Part 2-4 of Case Study
HW: complete unfinished portions of lab

Wednesday: Topics: Explanation
Activities: Discussion: Ways to Explanation and Cause and Correlation
HW: Assigned question #1-15 and assigned question #16-25

Thursday/Friday: Topics: Explanation
Activities: Jigsaw Case Study: Animals on Treadmills Critical Thinking and Public Perception of Science
Playlist: Animals on Treadmills
HW: Assign portions of case study as needed

September 16

SRD Week Ahead: 9/18-9/22

Make sure you have the Observation section read and questions completed for class discussion on Monday. Check last week’s assignments

Monday: Topics: Observations
Activities: Discussion Ch 2 Observations
Think About It Activity: How good are your powers of observations?
HW: Complete “How good are your observations” handout

Tuesday: Topics: Peer Review
Activities: Peer Review Pendulum Lab
HW:Edit Lab report for Pendulum Experiment

Wednesday: Topics: Observations
Activities: Think-Pair-Share: “How good are your observations”
HW: Complete Comparative data handout (passed out in class)

Thursday: Topics: Observations
Activities: Case Study John Snow and the Origin of Epidemiology: “You know nothing John Snow”
HW: Complete unfinished portions of Case Study

Friday: Topics: Observations
Activities: Discussion: Case Study on Epidemiology
HW: Complete questions 13-17 on Extraordinary events from Comparative data handout

September 9

SRD Week Ahead: 9/11-9/15

We will test on Tuesday over the topics covered so far regarding the Scientific Method. Review notes, readings from class, and the Bacterial Theory of Ulcers Case Study. You will also conduct your first inquiry lab about pendulum periodic motion. You have two assignments due this week besides the test on Tuesday.
1. Read Ch 2 of the reading packet I gave pg 9-21 stop at Anomalous Phenomena and complete questions DUE Thursday. Send it to me before class or bring your written notes to class.
2. Pendulum lab report will be due Friday by 3:30, send it to me. You will have time in class on Friday to work on your report. All testing should be complete by Thursday in class and you should start writing it before Friday.

Use the following guidelines to help you write your report LAB Report guidelines

Monday: Topics: Experimental Design (Elaborate) TEKS: 1,2,3,8,9
Activities: Inquiry Lab:Pendulum
HW: prepare test on Tuesday (review notes and class discussions so far)

Tuesday: Topics: Scientific Method (Evaluate) TEKS 1,2,34,6,7,8,9
Activities: Test 1
HW: Notes over Observations Ch 2 (PG 9-21 stop at Anomalous Phenomena) DUE Thursday

Wednesday: Topics: Experimental Design
Activities: Inquiry Lab:Pendulum

Thursday: Topics: Experimental Design
Activities: Inquiry Lab:Pendulum

Friday: Topics: Experimental Design
Activities: Inquiry Lab:Pendulum

September 2

SRD Week Ahead: 9/4-9/8


** Review this power point for the quiz. You are responsible for this information and content discussed in class Scientific Method Review

Monday: Holiday WHOOP WHOOP

Tuesday: Topics: Investigative Processes
Activities: Discussion Case Study Helicobacter pylori and Bacterial Theory of Ulcers (application)

Wednesday: Topics: Investigative Processes
Activities: Pair Think Share: Practicing Explanations

Thursday: Topics: Investigative Processes
Activities: Explanation Presentations
HW: Prepare for Comprehension Quiz

Friday: Topics: Scientific Method
Activities: Comprehension Quiz